What is your list of movies fear?

If what I, learnt about the film, is that most movies are subjective. While your best friend are a list of ten movies afraid totally creep out, your list of horror movies can be completely different. Do not worry! This is expected. He comes from the fact that each has other concerns; We are therefore forced to different creatures, maniacs, goblins, ghosts, monsters, aliens and ghouls fear. You know what is on your list of films of fear?

Online you can always see lists of movies. Fall in the romantic comedy, science fiction, horror, thriller, category DRAM or adventure, sure to find many in cyberspace. It is important to remember that a list of top 50 movies some of you mother fear movie ever could completely contradict your opinion. The key is picking up in higher fear movies, people like you are often recommended. It seems funny, but I've seen that many lists of movies of fear on the Web. While different in General on some of the titles, most of you offering suggestions at all the same horror movie. If it is not too much film of fear, but want some for Halloween or any special occasion to try, let me a few common respect for all offer get. First of all he has "The Exorcist". I dont care, which list the movies for fear overlooking more than likely that this 1970s has horror hit it. People are simply afraid of demons with the Antichrist. Another, that appears "Halloween". This is the epitome of classic film. Film participants love the idea, a maniac at a mask that does not speak, but only kills with great fury.

It is always a good idea, so many horror movies as possible before the list of ten movies fear to remove that ever made. You can be surprised by some enjoyed other fans slasher despised and he incorrectly raged online. The key to the discovery of the great horror movies you own. While probably by all go to the redundant classics, appreciated, certainly there are some new ones that can add your personal list of films of fear.