Examples in How the Body

Every day we are faced with the possibility of obtaining a kind of disease. Every day we live, we are faced with colds, allergies, flu, pneumonia, joint injuries and so on. Every day we live, we look at the possibility of reducing our life expectancy, because at any moment someone can die by accident or violence. Violence occurs in all our communities, every day we face the danger of the next victim. Sure, you can spend your life believing that blindness can happen, but what happened on that day that you or someone you love. Are you ready to face the reality then? If you build your strengths, you would prepare for the unknown or unavoidable, because the fact is that it can happen.

Given the reality in the face is something that many people fear. The fact is that if you act prepares to face reality square, when the day comes. For example, if you are willing to avoid hurricanes and tornadoes destroying their homes, you will take the necessary steps for a healthier and happier lives than they ready when that day comes. Even if we consider a healthy aging through measures now you can handle that opens the door to his future, even disease, wrinkles, and so on.

In this sense, we will talk about some diseases or conditions that all people face as they age can begin.

The brain:

Your brain is a natural gift, the dendrites, blood cells, tissues, cells, etc., and contains all the elements of these channels to the central nervous system. (CNS) If you begin to age, the brain blood flow and the level of many chemicals in the brain and the body decreases as they move through the exchange of senescence. This means that the functions of the central nervous system to reject it.

In addition, when you start affected by aging eyes. As we age, the lens hardens. The retina may be less sensitive to sunlight or artificial light. In addition, students can begin to respond more slowly.

How do the ears, mouth and smell are affected:

When she started at the age of its possible that the high-pass frequency is less sensitive hearing. to identify your nose is not able to taste or smell. Also, it's not like foods that taste once enjoyed by their change as well.

Effects of aging on the heart:

Aging on the heart. Aging causes the pulse to lower acceleration. His blood and heart muscles stiffen and reduce production costs. In addition, the heart can not respond to natural things that once answered only once.

His lungs lose their ability to move air freely than before. With each breath, oxygen is not a single time on the blood. Ageing will also change your liver. The liver can be reduced in size. The liver can also decrease the blood flow.

As we get older and change these elements of his makeup, which affects the kidneys, bladder, colon or large intestine, skin, immune system, metabolism and reproductive organs. A man loses his ability to the reproductive organs of the appropriate role, as the prostate is enlarged. The male will also lose the reproduction of the steps of testosterone. In addition, their blood will flow to the male organs, such as the penis.

When you get older you will find many changes, so it is time now to say it can happen to me, and do something about it.

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